• Efficiency


    We run the tests in our lab and return the tests within the same day. We aim at timely results and ensure quality services at its core.
  • Reliability


    We are your trusted partner and are licensed by MOH. We highly commit to strict compliances of medical industry regulations in its area of laboratory testing operations.
  • Accuracy


    Striving for accuracy is a fundamental belief in all our clinical tests. We aim at providing quality and accurate results for every test.

Established since 2016, New Medical Laboratory is a clinical laboratory that performs high quality, reliable and comprehensive suites of clinical tests with maximum efficiency and reliability.

New Medical Laboratory is your preferred and trusted clinic laboratory service partner, licensed by MOH.


Committed to providing high-quality, accurate, competitive and comprehensive suites of clinical services, New Medical Laboratory envisions becoming a leading medical laboratory service partner in Asia Pacific region.


Core Values


Success is built on relationships. Our constant pursuit with others enables better decisions and outcomes, making a tangible difference to our clients and the world around us.


The foundation of the company is built on employees adhering to the highest standards of personal and business conduct, allowing us to be honest and caring in our dealings with others.


Providing timely and informative services to physicians and other healthcare providers for the benefit of the patient and their families.