• Efficiency


    We run the tests in our lab and return the tests within the same day. We aim at timely results and ensure quality services at its core.
  • Reliability


    We are your trusted partner and are licensed by MOH. We highly commit to strict compliances of medical industry regulations in its area of laboratory testing operations.
  • Accuracy


    Striving for accuracy is a fundamental belief in all our clinical tests. We aim at providing quality and accurate results for every test.
Our Services


New Medical Laboratory manages a clinical laboratory where a team of certified lab specialists perform various clinic tests on a daily basis.


New Medical Laboratory has successfully received accreditations from the Ministry of Health (MOH), and is providing numerous clinical tests to a group of general practitioners and specialists.


New Medical Laboratory mainly collaborate with doctors from private clinics. To achieve timely and quality services, we offer quality dispatch services to efficiently connect our laboratory to each clinic throughout the day.


New Medical Laboratory provides the following clinical laboratory tests:

  1. Renal Function Tests
  1. Diabetes Panel
  1. Lipid Panel
  1. Liver Function Tests
  1. Bone and Joint Screen
  1. Full Blood Count
  1. Work Permit Tests